La p'tite confiserie

Company ,  Chocolate, confectionery at Baudour

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  • Fanny’s confectioneries emerged long before it emerged! This is the third generation of the Bourguignon confectionery, a family of confectioners and street vendors. Still located in dad’s shop (which is being revisited a bit), she currently manufactures cuberdons (cone-shaped sweets), fruit bars, gums, drops, fondants, chocolate confectionery (not all at the same time of course but according to season) and sells them on the region’s markets. The product which motivated her to go back to the confectionery is of course the cuberdon as it has become an exclusive product little known beyond our borders; but she also likes to work with other products. She is constantly learning and trying things, shapes and tastes which differ slightly from her father’s. He is very proud of her and says that his daughter brings the family’s feminine touch to his recipes! What is she proud of? Handicraft! Everything is entirely handmade, for she still melts her sweets on the skillet...
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