And what if we went for peace? Pacifism in Belgium, past and present

Exhibition at Mons
  • The Belgians who have shed their blood during the war are regularly commemorated, but who remembers those who fought for peace? How many remember that Belgium has four Nobel Peace Prizes to its name (including Henri La Fontaine)? That Belgian pacifists greatly contributed to the creation of international institutions aimed at preventing conflicts? That, in the early 1980s, hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated against nuclear missiles? That numerous wars (Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq...) generated the mobilisation of citizens? The 300 documents presented here (posters, photographs, animated images...), including many rare originals, highlight the action of those who dared to go for peace and defended what is often considered a quixotic hope. From the 19th century to the present day, there are many who feel that waiting for peace is not enough. They offer concrete or utopian solutions, to achieve (by establishing international law, education and culture, the merger of people, the removal of inequalities). For others, peace can only be achieved by banning violence, synonym of war by definition. It's the choice operated individually by conscientious objectors and "absolute" pacifists who turn non-violence into a combat method. Action for peace also means denouncing war and its corollaries: the army, the arms race, but also political oor economic imperialism at the origin of numerous conflicts. At a time when Belgium is involved in military operations abroad, this exhibition is very relevant. It highlights the permanence of the

    issues discussed by pacifist movements since the 19th century, questions the notion of peace itself and intends to generate a critical reflection on the various uses and ways it was picked up for other purposes. For the duration of the exhibition, activities (seminars, conferences, debates, theatre shows) will be organised around the theme of peace.
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