Magasin de Papier

Museum ,  Museum / interpretation centre at Mons

magasindepapier-exte-mons.jpgvisitMons - Virginie Delattre
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magasindepapier-salle-mons.jpgvisitMons - Virginie Delattre
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magasindepapier-expo-mons.jpgvisitMons - Virginie Delattre
magasindepapier-interieur-mons.jpgvisitMons - Virginie Delattre
magasindepapier-expos1-mons.jpgvisitMons - Virginie Delattre
  • Opened in September 2012, the Magasin de Papier is an exhibition space with a contemporary feel offering an eclectic programme essentially focusing on local and regional visual arts.
    For creative talents and visual artists based in Mons and the surrounding region, this is a unique opportunity to present their work.
    Some fantastic synergies have come out of this space, with artist collectives and Arts², Mons’ arts college.
  • Spoken languages
    • English
  • Rates
  • Free
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