The Coupe de l’Avenir is of the biggest races in the Belgian motocross calendar. Organized by the Motocross Club du Haut-Pays, it has seen great talents develop including Gaston Rahier, Harry Everts, André Malherbe, Georges Jobe, Stefan Everts and Steve Ramon. Great names in motocross, you can be sure! The history of this race began 50 years ago when Joël Robert, six-time world champion, created a competition between the best young people in Jamioulx. Given the scale of the event, the Course de l'Avenir moved to Angreau before finally settling in Baisieux under the leadership of the Motocross Club du Haut-Pays.
Today, no less than 15 nations participate each year in the Coupe de l’Avenir in many categories, such as the recently-added 65 and 85 cc. Another innovation is the "Coupe des Ancêtres" category, with older motorbikes and many additional races: electric motorcycles, side-cars, quads, etc.

It is a show that is always varied and of high quality for all sports fans but not only that, the Coupe de l'Avenir is especially a time to share with friends or family.