Conscious of the fact that her female identity would hinder her emancipation and recognising that the public and intellectual space is dominated by men, Niki de Saint Phalle sought to become their equal by defying the system and mastering this (male) world.

She therefore developed an uninhibited and liberated artistic approach, not tied to galleries and museums. In particular, she worked as a painter, sculptor but also performer, creating works before an audience to encourage them to participate, generating considerable media interest. The exhibition will provide a snapshot of her art and the various transformations her work underwent in terms of style and material. It will also highlight her ongoing concerns about sociopolitical issues, anger, violence, mythology, fairy tales and femininity. Her extensive works allowed her to create a real platform to share her art with a large audience in an environment hitherto dominated by men.

This exhibition will demonstrate how her limitless imagination and unique worldview have earned Niki de Saint Phalle international recognition and the status of major 20th century female artist. This will be the first large-scale exhibition dedicated to the work of Niki de Saint Phalle in Belgium.

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